Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day: Pffft!

Valentine's Day always pissed me off. No, it's not the flood of red and pink that invades storefronts. No, it's not the mushy greeting cards. No, it's not the crappy-ass chocolate wrapped in cardboard hearts. 

Valentine's Day pisses me off because it's a day set aside to show your love and affection to your significant other.

What's wrong with that?

Why do we insist on displaying more love and affection on a predetermined day? If we were really concerned about relaying our feelings, why wouldn't we do this every day?

Of course, some people will defend the holiday. They'll talk about liking being pampered, getting the extra attention. However, this reliance on a holiday to get what you need from a relationship is problematic. If a person needs more love and affection, why don't they just ask for it?

We all have needs. We have to feel comfortable asking our partner to fulfill those needs. We shouldn't rely on a holiday to meet those needs.

What are your thoughts? Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Why is it different than any other day? Share your thoughts in the comments section!