Monday, August 6, 2012

What's This Blog All About?

People like sex. Look at our species and our cousins. In some form or another, we've been around for at least hundreds of thousands of years.

We don't always like to talk about sex, though.

Our society has a ton of strange taboos that keep us from having open, honest discussions about human sexuality. We've had a few pioneers that have tried to open lines of discussion, like:
  • Kinsey
  • Masters and Johnson
  • Dr. Ruth
  • Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla
  • Sue Johanson
We're going to extend their work here at the Sexpressionist Project by engaging in open, honest discussions about sexuality between consenting adults. I imagine the project eloving like this:

1. Someone brings up a topic related to human sexuality on the "topics" page as a comment.
2. I write a blog post about that topic.
3. The community comments on the topic and discussion ensues.

I AM going to have a few rules:

Rule #1: Don't pass moral judgement.
Rule #2: Offensive language is okay, but offending others is not.
Rule #3: Do not post about topics involving those that cannot give consent.

Breaking any of the rules will likely get you banned. In essence, don't be a douche.

So... if you're interested in participating, head on over to the "Topics" page and post a topic. I'll get a post up as soon as possible.

Why the Interest in the Topic?

Back in the day, I trained to be an experimental psychologist with an emphasis in sexuality. I actually published an obscure study in an even more obscure student publication. Instead of pursuing an advanced degree, I decided to teach psychology instead. The fascination with human behavior never went away, especially when it comes to a taboo topic like sexuality.

Also, I hope the project eventually provides an opportunity to learn. The barriers to open discussion about sexuality are often a major source of conflict in relationships. Why? We generally don't like talking openly about sexual topics.

Finally, I'm always looking for more opportunities to learn, which benefits my own relationship. :-)



  1. This is a big departure from BRU…. Haha.

    1. Agreed. I take pride in BRU being about more than just barefoot running... but an extended discussion about sexual topics would veer too far from it's intended purpose.