Sunday, May 31, 2015

Men Need the Confidence to Reject Granny Panties

Yesterday, I reposted an HuffPostarticle about the rise in popularity in women wearing granny panties on my Facebook wall. I have pretty strong opinions about granny panties - I think they are ugly as fuck. It's quite possibly the least-sexy undergarment ever made. It's on the level of Oops, I Crapped my Pants.

My own opinion on the matter? Granny panties would be a deal-breaker. If women are just wearing them in their day-to-day life, that's not a problem. My issue happens when they know someone else might see them. Women know that style is ugly as fuck. If a woman thought there was a reasonable opportunity sex would happen and still wore granny panties, that would be a clear signal that she was completely unwilling to impress the man because he's desperate, thus low-value. That's a really, really bad foundation for a sexual experience. If she's not even willing to make that tiny effort, she's probably going to mail in the sex, too. And lame sex sucks.

The responses from men were interesting. About half of the men agreed. The other half expressed some form of "I'd just be happy to be seeing her in underwear" sentiment. The problem - this is a total beta male mindset that ignores every single thing we know about female behavior. Women love confidence. Having standards and enforcing those standards is part of being confident. The dude that does not like granny panties (which would be 99.999% of the male population) should be willing and able to demand something better. Unfortunately, far too many guys jump and any female attention, even from women that obviously see them as low-value.

This specific example is part of a wider trend I see occurring with more and more frequency. Women are beginning to automatically assume they can get any guy they want without putting in any effort at all. Indeed, there's a sea of guys that would take anything they could get, and would gladly exchange any shred of self-respect to get it. This effect is so pervasive, even some women are taken aback when a dude expresses their standards. These women seem genuinely offended that a guy would tell them "no thank you; try harder next time."

Yet women do that all the time.

As men, we need to start plumbing the depths of our psyche and deciding exactly what minimum standards we have, then exert the self-confidence to draw a hard line in the sand and accept nothing less. Saying "no" to pussy, for almost all women, will actually increase their desire. Unfortunately, the ability to rock the pussy boat is scary because too many men are too insecure in their actual value as a partner. It's not at all surprising that granny panties are making a come-back... we're awash in a sea of far-too-desperate men.


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