Friday, April 3, 2015

Where Have All the Good Women Gone?

Yesterday's post about the different types of males in our present-day society received some interesting comments. One in particular seemed worthy of a new post. My friend Ken asked about swapping genders for the entire conversation. Specifically, if there's a shortage of great guys out there, is there a corresponding shortage of great women?

It really comes down to the definition of "great women." If I simply reverse my definition fro the previous post, "great women" would be any woman adept at assuming masculine and feminine characteristics at will depending on the situation. If that's our definition, I think great women outnumber great men simply because most women have been at the whole gender equality longer than men, therefore they've developed a more robust skill set.

Having said that, I've found there's a fairly distinct line between women that can actually utilize masculine characteristics successfully and women that believe they can exhibit masculine characteristics successfully. The test is pretty simple - insult them. If they return the insult, odds are good their Man Card is legit. If they get butthurt, they're posers. Regardless, the pool of legitimate "great women" still outnumber the "great men."

I suspect this isn't exactly what Ken was alluding to, however. I think he may have been asking why there aren't more women that meet his particular minimum criteria. That's a slightly different question, but I'll still toss out an answer.

I like to think of relationship prospects in "supply and demand" terms. All of us have a particular "value" on the singles market, and that value, at least a little bit, is relative. Some "buyers" will value us higher than others. For example, among women that are really into minimalist lifestyle former barefoot ultrarunners that make a living writing books and doing jiu jitsu and mma, I am the most valuable male in the world. To the average woman - I'm an underemployed bum that wastes his time on weird hobbies. To them, I'm about as valuable as Duane, the homeless dude that lives in a van outside my domicile. 

Now let's make some generalizations. We know men retain their value longer than women due to the ability to produce children longer, rated physical attractiveness lasts longer (not that it's a good thing, it just is what it is), and we know men die earlier. As a result, there are more single women than single men from the mid-twenties until death, and the effect becomes more pronounced with age. Also, despite the recent popularity of the "cougar" dynamic, it's still far more socially-acceptable for older men to date younger women. The net result is that men fare better on the open market. It's a buyer's market for the dudes. In theory, it should be easier for men to find a higher-quality mate, especially if the man himself is a "great man."

I know every single guy that's reading this right now will call bullshit because almost all dudes have to do serious work to get laid. Women, conversely, can turn to any male, utter "wanna fuck?", and they're in the promised land within the hour.

Or so it seems.

I've talked to enough women to have a decent grasp on this idea - if a woman has absolutely zero standards, she could find a different cock every day of the week. If she had no standards. Take a look around. A third of the male population is obese. Another third is overweight. Throw in the unemployed, dudes that wear sweatpants in public, OSHs (from yesterday's post), clingy, needy, weird, smells like pickles, micropenis... whatever. The point - very few women if any are willing to bottom out their standards just to get some action, let alone a relationship.

It's All Moo

This entire post is irrelevant, however. I am a strong believer (which will be evident in my upcoming MAN PLAN) that each of us, regardless of gender, sex, sexual orientation, race, pube preference... whatever, should focus on improving themselves for the sake of becoming the best version of themselves they can possibly be. Don't improve to impress a future mate. Don't improve because you think it's what your spouse wants. Improve because life is too short being a mediocre fuckhead. It doesn't matter if there aren't a lot of high-quality women out there. If you're the best you can possibly be, they'll find you.

And yes, that heading was a Friends reference. 



  1. Well that is very true since Most of the ones out there now are such a total waste of humanity.

  2. 'Even the being the best is not a guarantee, because there are no guarantees' needs to be in this somewhere, because it's true... not that that's an excuse not to go for it....

  3. Women are on a downward swing, men are better than we've ever been and we deserve better than these useless western whores who lack basic human qualities because of feminism.

  4. Women are on a downward swing, men are better than we've ever been and we deserve better than these useless western whores who lack basic human qualities because of feminism.

  5. If you're quoting 'Friends,' you're a hardcore beta and not speaking from a position of knowledge. Sorry, the end.